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Get 53 Diet and Exercise Plans With Fit Over 40

Fit Over 40Imagine having 53 healthy diet and exercise plans to choose from in just one ebook. That’s what you get with Fit Over 40. The ebook is written by Jon Benson and co-authored by Tom Venuto.

Jon was a regular guy who, at the age of 32, was drastically out of shape and overweight. His health was in such jeopardy that his doctor told him if he didn’t lose weight, he’d be lucky to reach 40. Having no choice, Jon tackled his weight loss challenge and overcame it with tremendous success.

Today, Jon has the body of a twenty-something and says he’s never been happier in his life. After his incredible transformation, he spent a year putting Fit Over 40 together. While the book is geared for those over 40, you can get something from this book regardless of your age. I’m 35 and I found the information to be incredibly useful.

Role modeling is the cornerstone of Fit Over 40 and it is
what makes this book so unique and effective.

Unlike most books where you would read about one man’s personal story of going from obesity to top fitness, Fit Over 40 tells the stories of 52 real-world role models who openly share their secrets to a life of fitness and health. They range in ages from 40 to 80 and come from every gender, country, walk of life, and condition you can think of.

The one thing all of these role models have in common is that they do amazing things with their “new lean bodies” at an age
when most people want to settle down or retire.

In Fit Over 40 you’ll learn how Jon changed his lifestyle (nutrition, exercise and mindset) to empower a permanent change from obesity and near-death, to health and superb fitness. In addition, you’ll get the personal stories of transformation and encouragement from the 52 role models. They provide overviews of their diets, workouts, and mindsets toward fitness. Amazingly, they also provide their email addresses so you can contact them with any questions!

Essentially what you get with Fit Over 40 is
53 diet and exercise plans to choose from.

Fit Over 40 focuses on role modeling because Jon believes it addresses the fact that no one program or method will work for everyone. Jon says there’s not a legit fitness pro out there who will argue with this statement, and I must say that I agree with him.

Jon also says that if you find a “one size fits all program” – run for the hills! One diet, one exercise plan, or even one way of thinking will not work for everyone and that’s why Jon believes that role modeling is so effective.

Fit Over 40 has over 300 pages of highly informative and inspiring stories. You’ll get real-world examples of transformation
and strategies for mental empowerment.

The book concludes with Tom Venuto who is a competitive natural bodybuilder and certified personal trainer. He provides training and recovery tips, nutrition and meal planning, mental strategies, and success patterns of the Fit Over 40 crowd. The book covers all facets of diet and exercise plans for middle-aged people to seniors.

What’s Not To Like About Fit Over 40

My biggest complaint about Fit Over 40 is that there is no “1-2-3 plan to fitness.” You literally have 52 diet and exercise plans to choose from (53 if you count Jon’s plan), and even more if you consider the fact that you can take a little from each role model and create your own diet and exercise plan. Some would argue that this is a benefit, and I suppose that’s true for most people, but for me it was a little overwhelming.

The best way to overcome that is to pick one or two role models in the book and follow their strategies – at least initially. Then as you start having success you can look at the strategies of other role models to tweak your own plan.

Bottom Line:

Overall, Fit Over 40 is an excellent book and can help anyone who needs to lose weight and get in shape. You get inspirational stories and detailed strategies from 53 people who have successfully transformed their bodies. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to be tied down by “one fitness program” and who wants a variety of diet and exercise plans to choose from.

Not sure Fit Over 40 is right for you?

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