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Hoodia Plants For Sale In The U.S.? A Retired Man’s Hoodia Plant Operation

In the past, I’ve written about the challenges of growing the hoodia gordonii plant. Frank Fletcher, a retired electrical contractor and engineer who resides in the small Arizona town of Elgin, has defied the odds. He has spent several hours per day over the last eight years growing hoodia plants in a carefully controlled greenhouse environment. He started growing them back in 1999 – four years before hoodia became so popular due to the 60 Minutes hoodia report that aired in 2004.

Today, Fletcher is the President of his own company, Arizona Hoodia. His company had 7,500 hoodia plants in production when it launched in 2004 and now today the number of plants has grown to 20,000. He harvests the plants and has them processed to be used in supplements that are sold through his company’s website, ArizonaHoodia.com.

He also sells the hoodia plants themselves and hoodia gordonii seeds. They aren’t cheap though. At the time of this writing, you’ll pay $210 for an one inch hoodia plant or the same price for six hoodia gordonii seeds! The prices of his supplements are slightly more expensive than those brands listed on my best rated hoodia page. At the time of this writing you’ll pay $57 for 100 gel capsules with each capsule containing 500mg of 100% authentic hoodia gordonii.

Fletcher believes he is the only true hoodia gordonii grower in the U.S. I don’t know if that is true or not, but his hoodia operations are the first I’ve heard of in the U.S. If he’s not the only hoodia grower in the U.S., he’s likely the largest. I didn’t even think hoodia gordonii could grow successfully on such a large scale in the U.S.!

Fascinated by Fletcher’s story, I contacted him and asked if I could do an interview with him. He agreed to do it and I will be posting it on this website in the form of an interview article in the coming weeks. Keep your eye out for it as I’m sure his story will be very interesting.

Source: Sierra Vista Herald

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