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What Is The Recommended Daily Hoodia Dosage?

I weigh 180 pounds. What is the recommended daily dose and what’s the maximum amount I could safely take everyday? -Carol


Most people are under the impression that the recommended hoodia dosage is dependent on how much a person weighs. That is not the case. Hoodia gordonii works by tricking the brain, specifically the hypothalamus, into thinking you are full. Given how hoodia works by playing tricks with the brain, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh. The only thing that determines how much hoodia you should take is how you respond to the hoodia dosage you are taking. If the dose of hoodia you are taking isn’t working, then you may need to increase it. Your weight is completely irrelevant to how much you need.

I spoke with Dr. Varallo, a doctor who has three year’s of clinical experience with hoodia, and he says most of his patients need anywhere from 2,250-3,500mg per day – with some taking as much as 4,000mg per day for it to be effective. If you’re taking a 750mg capsule, such as those made by Desert Burn or Hoodoba, that’s 3-5 capsules per day. If you’re taking a 400mg capsule, such as those made by Hoodia Hoodia, you’re looking at taking almost twice as many per day. You can certainly start out with a lower hoodia dosage but if you don’t respond to it, then you may need to increase the dose.

There has not been an established maximum hoodia dosage. Based on my research and talking to Dr. Varallo, 3,000-4,000mg seems to be the maximum daily amount that can be taken safely. Dr. Varallo says that some of his patients will take as much as 4,500mg per day but usually no more than that. Most limit their daily intake to 3,500mg or less. It is his belief that anything above 4,500mg isn’t necessary. At these higher doses, hoodia will either work for you or it won’t. If it doesn’t work for you at those levels after a period of time, it’s probably never going to work for you so increasing the hoodia dosage probably isn’t going to help.

Finally, you may want to listen to the podcast that I’ve included here (see below) as I discuss hoodia safety and what is a safe dose of hoodia for optimal results.

Hope this helps!


Important legal disclaimer pertaining to the dose of hoodia you may be taking: As stated, there are no established guidelines as to the recommended amount of hoodia per day. The doses outlined here are based solely on my research and on my consultations with Dr. Varallo. Furthermore, the doses discussed here assume you are taking an authentic pure hoodia supplement without any other ingredients and that you are a healthy individual without any medical conditions – and you aren’t taking any medications. If you do have a medical condition or are taking medications, consult your doctor first before taking hoodia (or any diet supplement for that matter). Although you should not experience any side effects taking an authentic, pure hoodia supplement, if you do you should immediately stop taking it.

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