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Does Hoodia Make You Feel Hyper or Jittery? Are There Any Hoodia Side Effects?

Just curious…I followed a link to a link to a link and when I ended up on the website where you are supposed to buy hoodia – it didn’t list ANY negative hoodia side effects. Can you confirm this? -Valerie


A link to a link to a link…researching on the Internet is fun, isn’t it! Well, whichever site you ended up on that didn’t list any negative hoodia side effects was accurate. There are no known hoodia side effects for authentic hoodia gordonii – and that is the key. Not all hoodia supplements are the same. Unfortunately, most are fake – or contain very little hoodia gordonii. These products may have unwanted side effects.

There are several things to look for when you buy hoodia to ensure that what you getting is real, but the two most important are CITES certificates and independent lab test results. Look for these on the websites of companies selling hoodia. If you can’t find these, then there is the possibility that the product isn’t authentic.

Authentic hoodia gordonii diet pills have virtually no side effects and will not make you feel hyper or jittery. Hoodia gordonii is not a stimulant. If you take a hoodia supplement and end up feeling hyper or jittery, you are taking a product that contains ingredients other than just hoodia gordonii.

It’s common practice for supplement companies to load their hoodia supplements with all kinds of ingredients – stimulants being one of them (such as caffeine or other forms of caffeine). You should avoid these types of products if you don’t want any stimulants or are sensitive to caffeine. You’ll be able to determine what’s in the product by simply reading the ingredients label. It will say if it contains ingredients other than hoodia.

Stick with those products that contain one ingredient and one ingredient only – 100% authentic hoodia gordonii POWDER and nothing else – such as those listed on my best rated hoodia page. These are the safest and most effective types of hoodia diet pills and will have no side effects.

Hope this helps.


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