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Is Hoodia With Green Tea An Effective Weight Loss Strategy?

My niece is taking green tea with hoodia. What are your thoughts on the green tea phenomenon and the mixture? Thanks! -Cindy


Your niece is smart! Green tea has numerous health benefits and may help with weight loss. Numerous studies suggest that green tea can, among other things, help fight cancer, lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and fight tooth decay. There are also studies that suggest it can reduce weight.

What most people don’t realize is that the participants in most of these studies were consuming large amounts of green tea on a daily basis – as much as 9 cups or more! It certainly isn’t going to hurt to have a cup or two of green tea on a daily basis, but to really reap its health and potential weight loss benefits, you’ll need to drink way more than that.

I recommend green tea to everyone but not necessarily for its weight loss benefits. I personally believe that its weight loss benefits are limited and often times exaggerated. Don’t get me wrong, I think if you drink plenty of green tea it may help with your weight loss efforts but its role is still going to be very limited. Green tea isn’t going to magically melt the weight away no matter how much you drink. And let’s be realistic, most people aren’t going to drink 9 cups of green tea everyday so its role is even more limited. I mean I love green tea just as much as the next guy but there is only so much I can drink everyday!

To that end, I have been taking a green tea extract product called, Green Tea Cutting Edge. This is a green tea extract that was forumulated by Dr. Varallo. He has over three years of clinical experience with Desert Burn Hoodia and has added this green tea extract to the weight loss program he recommends to his patients. He says his patients have experienced excellent results by taking Desert Burn Hoodia (the only brand Dr. Varallo recommends) with the green tea extract.

Green Tea Cutting Edge is the highest quality and most potent green tea extract I’ve been able to find. This product is a super concentrated form of green tea. Just one dropper full is equivalent to 9 cups of tea! As per the dosage recommendations on the label, I take two dropper fulls per day. I’m essentially getting 18 cups of green tea per day! The nice thing about this product is that it tastes great and doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Your niece is on the right track. By all means she should continue to drink as much green tea as she can with or without hoodia. However, if she really wants to maximize green tea’s health and potential weight loss benefits, she should seriously consider Dr. Varallo’s green tea extract. It’s one of the best extracts available right now.

P.S. I am not a fan of those hoodia supplements that contain green tea extract. I have yet to find a hoodia/green tea supplement that contains enough hoodia or green tea to make a difference. Taking green tea with hoodia may be a very effective weight loss aid, but to maximize the results your niece should take them separately – not as part of some combination hoodia/green tea supplement. I would recommend she stick with one of the two brands on my best rated hoodia page and Green Tea Cutting Edge. That way, she’ll get the absolute best (and most effective) hoodia along with the most effective green tea extract.

I hope this helps!


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